Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Unofficially The Official Last Milkshake Update

Although there will still be one more post after this one giving my definitive ranking of all the Cookout Milkshakes, this is the end of sorts.  For 3 years the Cookout Milkshake Challenge has been apart of my life and although I failed once, I am happy that I was able to complete it albeit on modified terms.  In the end, the challenge never really about trying to do something spectacular, it was about enjoying something I really liked, having a go to hang out spot, and a conversation starter.  Don't get me wrong, I am very happy that I completed all the milkshakes and worked hard to do so but that represented the icing on the cake more than anything else.

This year the milkshake blog took off, attracting a lot of viewers, poking its way into class discussion and even providing the basis for my final senior project.  Although there were some failures, overall this year was a success for the challenge.  It was fun but just like my undergraduate career it must come to an end.  So I hope you enjoy this last official Cookout review and I thank you for following along whether you actually read every post, only liked the Facebook message, or brought up the challenge when you couldn't think of anything to say to me.  I enjoyed all those aspects even when I could tell the person on the other end was only politely interested.

With that we get the show on the road.  The last four milkshakes need to be reviewed to close the door on this chapter.

The first one I had was Blueberry Banana.

The blueberry banana milkshake was one of the three milkshakes listed as the ominous banana berry (3).  I really like the blueberry flavor in milkshakes overall so I was excited to try it out and luckily it did not disappoint.

Taste- 5/5- Blueberry and banana work very well together and led to a great taste.

Consistency- 4.5/5- The blueberry and banana also mixed pretty well together but the banana was added first and the blueberry did not permeate the entire milkshake so there is a slight ding on that front.

Overall- 9.5/10- A very good milkshake overall if it would have just been mixed a little better this could have been a contender for top dog.

The second milkshake I had was Cherry Banana.

This was the third milkshake included in the banana berry (3).  I was shocked to find that out.  Cherry is not a berry.  I get that they rhyme but that should not count as one.  Dang it Cookout.  My horrified reaction was actually justified too.  In the future, they should eliminate this abomination.  Banana berry (2) is all that should be listed.

Taste- 3.5/5- The cherry taste did not mix well with banana.  It settled on the top of the milkshake and provided a very unpleasant start to a very unpleasant milkshake.

Consistency- 3/5- Although I just complained about the taste not being that great together, I also feel the need to complain about the consistency.  The actual cherry part of the milkshake was all at the top and did not mix at all with the banana.  I felt like I was eating half a cherry milkshake and half a banana milkshake.  Since I didn't order that, I shouldn't expect that in a milkshake.

Overall- 6.5/10- This milkshake really made me mad which is why I rated it as low as I did.  They say you shouldn't hold grudges.  I hold a grudge against this milkshake.

The third milkshake on the list is Caramel Cheesecake.

At this point I must have really wanted to be done with the challenge because this is another clunker in my opinion.

Taste- 3.5/5- The caramel was not good in this milkshake.  I'm pretty alright with caramel in most cases but something was off this time around.  Throw that in with a cheesecake flavor I'm also not too fond about and you get a lackluster milkshake experience.

Consistency- 4.5/50 I feel like it is a rare occurrence when the consistency outrates taste but this is one of those times.  Although the taste was not the best, the consistency was still pretty good.

Overall- 8/10- The caramel left a lot to be desired and mixing it with the cheesecake didn't work this time but overall the milkshake could have been a lot worse.

The last milkshake in the entire challenge is Cherry Cheesecake.

Quite a few people asked me how the challenge was going throughout the year especially near the end of the year.  When I told them I only had Cherry Cheesecake was left, they were like at least you have a good one left.  I did not share this sentiment.  I was not excited for this milkshake and while I was grateful to be done with the challenge, this milkshake matched my skepticism.

Taste- 3.5/5- The cherry was just okay and the cheesecake was also just okay, making for a very okay milkshake overall.

Consistency- 4/5- The consistency actually was pretty good too.  There was a little more cherry on top but besides that this was pretty good.

Overall- 7.5/10- Unfortunately to challenge went out with just a mediocre milkshake but at least it was completed.

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