Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ranking The Cookout Milkshakes

Well team I promised that I would rank all the Cookout milkshakes as the preeminent expert on the subject so I'm back to do just that.  A few notes on the rankings.  The most important factor is memorability of the shake either good or bad.  I had 40 plus milkshakes over almost two years.  If I can remember the milkshake then it will rank over one that might have scored higher initially.  That is not to say that those ratings don't matter.  They will come into play but those numbers aren't the end all be all.  Lastly, I'm ranking from worst to best so you all have to read everything if you want to find out what the best is.  Gotta get my click rates up somehow!

46. Walnut- Gag-worthy

45. Peach- This contained peach pits and that wasn’t even the worst part of the shake.

44. Watermelon- It didn’t waste like anything really and you had chunks of watermelon in it still.

43. Banana Fudge- Perhaps the first shocker on the list but it was so bad when I had it deserves a low spot.

42. Cherry Banana- Mostly because cherry shouldn’t be classified as a berry.

41. Cherry Cobbler- Disappointing

40. Cherry Cheesecake- Cherry might be the most disappointing flavor in Cookout history.

39. Caramel Cheesecake- Cheesecake is a close second.

38. Hershey’s Chocolate- Regular Hershey’s Chocolate needed something more.

37. Banana Pineapple- They just don’t mix.

36. Pineapple

35. Banana Nut- You’re nutty if you think this should be higher.

34. Red Cherry

33. Peach Cobbler

32. Strawberry Cheesecake

31. Blueberry Cheesecake

30. Double Chocolate- Just adding double the chocolate makes this shake ten spots better.

29. Vanilla

28. Egg-Nog- You’ll have to wait until December to see if you agree.

27. Caramel- High initial rating but the cheesecake really hurt this one.

26. Chocolate Cobbler- The top cobbler milkshake but far from the top milkshake.

25. Mocha

24. Cappuccino- These two are so interchangeable it’s not even funny.

23. Snickers- My haters probably won’t like this ranking I’m sure.

22.Heath- I don’t like Heath that much but it is great in shake form.

21. Chocolate Nut

20. Peanut Butter Banana- This might be my most controversial placement.  It truly is an enigma though.

19. Chocolate Cherry- Never thought I’d have cherry this high until I got halfway through this list.

18. Banana- It’s tough to get fresh banana but when you do, this is on another level.

17. Chocolate Chip Cheesecake- I never thought I’d have a cheesecake milkshake this high.

16. Hi-C Punch- This shake could be higher but was hindered by Cookout’s inability to remember I ordered it.

15. Chocolate Chip Mint- Not quite as good as Mint Oreo

14. Mint Oreo- This shake failed to reach my lofty expectations but was solid in the end.

13. Chocolate Malt- Cookout’s version of the Frosty.

12. Strawberry Banana

11. Caramel Fudge- Not quite peanut butter fudge but a quality mixture nonetheless. 

10. M&M

9. .Reese’s Cup- Never in my life would I think I’d rank Reese’s this low but when you have a perfect blizzard to compare to, the impossible becomes possible.

8. Blueberry Banana

7. Strawberry- People always sleep on strawberry.

6. Oreo- Never would have guessed this would be my top candy choice but it was truly impressive.

5. Peanut Butter- Smooth peanut butter and ice cream with some extra peanut butter at the end makes this a strong entry.

4. Blueberry- Who would have known that the 2nd most popular berry produces a better milkshake?

3. Banana Pudding- Another shocker but it deserves it.

2. Orange Push-Up Pop- A creamsicle in everything but name, the surprise of the challenge but a very good milkshake.

1. Peanut Butter Fudge- I wanted to find something that would dethrone the champ, but I'm still looking for a worthy challenger.

Well team there you have it.  Let me know what you think of the rankings and the blog in general.  What did you like?  What did you hate?  I think I've milked this whole Cookout thing for all I can so I ask you what should I tackle next? Let me know in the comments here on Facebook or send me an email or something I don't know but I'm open to ideas now that there is a whole in my life where Cookout used to be.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Unofficially The Official Last Milkshake Update

Although there will still be one more post after this one giving my definitive ranking of all the Cookout Milkshakes, this is the end of sorts.  For 3 years the Cookout Milkshake Challenge has been apart of my life and although I failed once, I am happy that I was able to complete it albeit on modified terms.  In the end, the challenge never really about trying to do something spectacular, it was about enjoying something I really liked, having a go to hang out spot, and a conversation starter.  Don't get me wrong, I am very happy that I completed all the milkshakes and worked hard to do so but that represented the icing on the cake more than anything else.

This year the milkshake blog took off, attracting a lot of viewers, poking its way into class discussion and even providing the basis for my final senior project.  Although there were some failures, overall this year was a success for the challenge.  It was fun but just like my undergraduate career it must come to an end.  So I hope you enjoy this last official Cookout review and I thank you for following along whether you actually read every post, only liked the Facebook message, or brought up the challenge when you couldn't think of anything to say to me.  I enjoyed all those aspects even when I could tell the person on the other end was only politely interested.

With that we get the show on the road.  The last four milkshakes need to be reviewed to close the door on this chapter.

The first one I had was Blueberry Banana.

The blueberry banana milkshake was one of the three milkshakes listed as the ominous banana berry (3).  I really like the blueberry flavor in milkshakes overall so I was excited to try it out and luckily it did not disappoint.

Taste- 5/5- Blueberry and banana work very well together and led to a great taste.

Consistency- 4.5/5- The blueberry and banana also mixed pretty well together but the banana was added first and the blueberry did not permeate the entire milkshake so there is a slight ding on that front.

Overall- 9.5/10- A very good milkshake overall if it would have just been mixed a little better this could have been a contender for top dog.

The second milkshake I had was Cherry Banana.

This was the third milkshake included in the banana berry (3).  I was shocked to find that out.  Cherry is not a berry.  I get that they rhyme but that should not count as one.  Dang it Cookout.  My horrified reaction was actually justified too.  In the future, they should eliminate this abomination.  Banana berry (2) is all that should be listed.

Taste- 3.5/5- The cherry taste did not mix well with banana.  It settled on the top of the milkshake and provided a very unpleasant start to a very unpleasant milkshake.

Consistency- 3/5- Although I just complained about the taste not being that great together, I also feel the need to complain about the consistency.  The actual cherry part of the milkshake was all at the top and did not mix at all with the banana.  I felt like I was eating half a cherry milkshake and half a banana milkshake.  Since I didn't order that, I shouldn't expect that in a milkshake.

Overall- 6.5/10- This milkshake really made me mad which is why I rated it as low as I did.  They say you shouldn't hold grudges.  I hold a grudge against this milkshake.

The third milkshake on the list is Caramel Cheesecake.

At this point I must have really wanted to be done with the challenge because this is another clunker in my opinion.

Taste- 3.5/5- The caramel was not good in this milkshake.  I'm pretty alright with caramel in most cases but something was off this time around.  Throw that in with a cheesecake flavor I'm also not too fond about and you get a lackluster milkshake experience.

Consistency- 4.5/50 I feel like it is a rare occurrence when the consistency outrates taste but this is one of those times.  Although the taste was not the best, the consistency was still pretty good.

Overall- 8/10- The caramel left a lot to be desired and mixing it with the cheesecake didn't work this time but overall the milkshake could have been a lot worse.

The last milkshake in the entire challenge is Cherry Cheesecake.

Quite a few people asked me how the challenge was going throughout the year especially near the end of the year.  When I told them I only had Cherry Cheesecake was left, they were like at least you have a good one left.  I did not share this sentiment.  I was not excited for this milkshake and while I was grateful to be done with the challenge, this milkshake matched my skepticism.

Taste- 3.5/5- The cherry was just okay and the cheesecake was also just okay, making for a very okay milkshake overall.

Consistency- 4/5- The consistency actually was pretty good too.  There was a little more cherry on top but besides that this was pretty good.

Overall- 7.5/10- Unfortunately to challenge went out with just a mediocre milkshake but at least it was completed.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Official Unofficial Cookout Cobbler Ratings

Although the milkshake challenge might officially be over there is still the process of squaring up the blog.  Since I last left you, a lot has changed.  I gave a presentation on Cookout for a class where the blog was prominently displayed.  I graduated from UK and finished up being an RA for ever.  I still have three blog posts to finish before I can close the door on the Cookout Challenge.  This is the first one.  I had all three variations of cobbler that Cookout has and have determined the official ranking of the three.  Usually I present the milkshakes in order of completeness but for this entry I will deviate from that and present them in order of preference.

1. Chocolate Cobbler

So the cobbler effect is kind of a let down once you realize how it is achieved.  They literally just vanilla wafers in the milkshake and mix it up.  This kind of creates almost a pie crust flavor.  Kind of, it still is kind of off too so keep that in mind.  Still with chocolate cobbler the effect is the best.  The milkshake tastes almost like a lighter chocolate pudding or chocolate pie.  Pretty good job overall on this one.

Taste- 4/5- Overall the taste worked really well for this milkshake.  I liked it a lot.

Consistency- 4.5/5- It was very consistent and that helped to pull off the illusion of chocolate pie.

Overall 8.5/10- Although this was where I realized that I was being duped into believing pie crust was in this shake, it was still a worthy Cookout entry.

2. Peach Cobbler

This time there were no peach pits in my milkshake so that was already a positive.  This one was pretty good.  The wafers mixed well enough that I honestly couldn't tell that it wasn't pie crust that was used.  Alas, the frozen peaches were a drawback.

Taste- 4/5- The frozen peaches were a drawback but besides that the milkshake did taste like peaches.

Consistency- 4/5- Once again this boils down to the mistake that is the frozen peaches.  It tasted weird with the wafers and created a strange consistency.

Overall- 8/10- Not a terrible milkshake but it does leave a lot to be desired and it has to settle for number two in the great cobbler debate.

3. Cherry Cobbler

Wow this milkshake was kind of a mess.  The chunks of cherry were not good and almost unnecessary because the cherry flavor clearly permeated the milkshake.  It was a real drawback as the cherry chunks mixed clumsily with the wafer pieces.  The wafers were also most noticeable in this milkshake.

Taste- 3.5/5- This is where the milkshake really suffered the taste was just not good at all.  It could have and should have been better given the multiple cherry entries on the list.

Consistency- 3.5/5- The consistency was also strange all the cherry chunks were at the top which made the shake a nightmare for a minute but then bearable afterwards.

Overall- 7/10- This was clearly the weakest of the cobbler milkshakes and honestly on the lower end of the milkshakes overall.