Saturday, April 8, 2017

Four Down Only Six To Go

First of all this title is a little misleading.  There could technically be 7 milkshakes left due to the ambiguity of the Cookout Milkshake Menu, but as we head towards the end of the semester, creativity starts to take a dip so you get a boring misleading post title instead of a fun jazzy one.  The rest of the milkshakes almost exclusively feature cheesecake or cobbler and I'm honestly not a huge fan of both so it's going to be an exciting end to the blog.  Without further ado, it's time to get into what this committee of one views as the official opinion on these four milkshakes.

First on the docket is Banana Pineapple

I'm going to be honest with you all, I was dreading having to eat this thing again.  I have in the past and it was gag worthy.  The pineapple and banana did not mix at all last time, the textures were so different that you either got a smooth banana or a rough half frozen pineapple it was terrible.  Fortunately this time, banana continues it's comeback and the pineapple was not that bad.

Consistency- 4/5 Last time this was a huge issue for this milkshake, it was a lot better this time around.  The pineapple actually blended with the banana, in the past it stuck out and made the milkshake like a tastebud minefield, sometimes you would get the banana but more often than not you'd get the disappointment of pineapple.

Taste- 3.75/5- This gets knocked just because I know how bad this milkshake can truly be.  Fortunately this time it a lot better but the scars of milkshake past were brought up in this experience and drag it down.

Overall- 7.75/10- I came in expecting the worst and was pleasantly surprised.

 Now we turn our attention over to Pineapple

I was also pretty nervous for this milkshake.  I can't stress how much I did not like the pineapple milkshake idea when I first had it.  It just did not work well.  This time I was once again pleasently surprised.  Although the pineapples tasted slightly frozen, there were not all that many mixed in to the shake which was good.  On another huge note, the taste of pineapple actually permeated the vanilla ice cream which can be an issue for fruit milkshakes.

Consistency- 4/5 I feel like it's tough to say that the lack of pineapples improved the consistency but in this case it really did.

Taste- 4.5/5- The fact that the vanilla ice cream still had hints of pineapple did wonders for the taste of the milkshake.

Overall- 8.5/10.  I expected a milkshake I would struggle to finish but this one ended up surprisingly pretty good.

Then I had a Mocha milkshake

I was worried getting this one.  I had to wait almost 30 minutes for the milkshake.  I thought it was the return of the lost shake.  Luckily when I went to the counter to ask for it, it came out quickly after.

Consistency- 4.5/5 The coffee taste rang out pretty well throughout the entire shake.

Taste- 4/5 It tasted like coffee which was fine.  I'm not a huge coffee fan but I can still appreciate that those who do like coffee would probably like this shake.  It does get dinged slightly because I feel like it tastes pretty similar to the cappuccino milkshake.  I'm not really sure what the difference in real life is between these two but I don't get why there are two similar milkshakes that taste almost identical.

Overall 8.5/10 Still a pretty good milkshake

Lastly we have Blueberry Cheesecake.

This milkshake was very light on the cheesecake part of the shake which in my opinion is a big positive because I'm not a big cheesecake fan.  The blueberry part was good and the cheesecake was just enough to be noticeable but not exceptionally overpowering.

Consistency- 4/5 The blueberry was nicely mixed with the cheesecake although in some parts that the actual cheesecake part was lacking.

Taste 4.5/5 I'm a big blueberry guy and not a big cheesecake guy so the overall execution of this milkshake was positive in my mind.

Overall 8.5/10- Another solid milkshake in the Cookout lineup.


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