Sunday, February 12, 2017


Recently some people have expressed their concern about my ability to finish this milkshake challenge.  This lead me to see just how close I really was.  In the past people would ask me how close I was and I could really only shrug indifferently.  Yes, I had a lot to go, no I didn't know how much was a lot.  But I finally looked into it and the end game of this challenge is fairly close and very doable.  I currently have 17 milkshakes to go and 13 weeks left.  So I should be able to finish this challenge without the previously mentioned post-graduation gorge that I previously alluded to.  In other news, I'm attempting to get into contact with the Cookout CEO for a class project.  The milkshake blog could get some real attention here soon.  

I've had three milkshakes since my latest post.  Unfortunately these weren't as good as some of the previous ones but nevertheless I persisted. 

The first milkshake on the list in Vanilla.

The vanilla tasted surprising similar to the eggnog and I realize that eggnog has that vanillay taste.  Still I wouldn't be surprised if they just give vanilla milkshakes out around Christmas time and call them eggnog.  In fact, I hope that's what they do except charge a premium for it.  This milkshake was also a little chunky in spots so that was interesting.

Consistency- 3.5/5- Usually when I refer to consistency I'm focusing on how the extra flavor interacts with the ice cream or how the two mix together.  Here, I'm talking about the ice cream because there was no extra flavor and unfortunately it was a little chunky in spots.  

Taste- 4.5/5- I'll dock it slightly for just being a vanilla milkshake.  It tasted like it but it wasn't revolutionary or anything.

Overall- 8/10- I'll admit I was a nervous to try the vanilla, I'm just not a huge fan of those milkshakes but overall this one wasn't bad at all besides a few minor setbacks.

The second milkshake I had was red cherry.

This is an interesting milkshake because the underlying ice cream is cherry but there are still little parts of cherry added to it.  Unfortunately I wasn't a fan of the cherries that were added.  They were chopped but cherries and when mixed with the ice cream gave it a strange consistency.

Consistency- 3/5- The consistency was really hurt by the pieces of cherry.  I think it blended nicely in the chocolate cherry milkshake but by itself it doesn't really work in my opinion.

Taste- 4/5- The taste was still pretty good.  It definitely tasted like cherry.

Overall- 7/10.  In my opinion go with the chocolate cherry option.

The third and final milkshake that I had was peach.

I admit I was a little disappointed by this milkshake.  UDF has fantastic peach ice cream so that was really the standard that I was comparing this shake too and it just did not live up to my hype.  The peaches tasted like frozen peach and there were a couple pieces of what I assumed to be pit in the milkshake.

Consistency- 3/5.  I really struggled to finish this one because the consistency bothered me.  The peaches present similar problems to some of the less traditional ice cream fruit.  It just does not mesh well with the vanilla ice cream.  It was a struggle but I finished it because I refuse to let my fans down.

Taste- 3.5/5- The consistency led to a taste that just was not great.  As I stated before the standards set were pretty high and the fact that the ice cream was vanilla mixed with frozen peaches left me disappointed.

Overall- 6.5/10.  We have a leading contender for my least favorite milkshake.  Time will tell whether I will have a similar experience in the future. 

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