Friday, January 20, 2017

Last Semester

This is it team.  This is the last semester.  The last shot at glory.  When I originally thought about an intro for this post, I was going to go a different route.  Originally it was going to include some pseudo-science, a call to action, and frankly more pretentiousness than a man that rates $2 milkshakes should display.  But things have changed.  The milkshake blog's popularity is at an all time high thanks to my insistence to put it down as a goal and interesting fact in every class I'm in.  For those blog readers both old and new, I promise that I will finish this challenge for you even it means eating 8 straight milkshakes in my graduation robe, a real possibility honestly.  So keep reading, oh and keep liking the Facebook link.  I love that dopamine hit.

The first milkshake I had for this semester happened before I even got on campus.  I pulled into Lexington, swung by Cookout and then headed to campus.  I was really surprised that I hadn't had this milkshake yet, so much so that I double and triple checked the blog to make sure I hadn't before finally deciding on the Peanut Butter Banana milkshake.

The Peanut Butter Banana milkshake had its highs and lows.  The peanut butter is great and plentiful and the amount that you get on the bottom of the cup is almost ridiculous.  Unfortunately, the banana doesn't hold up.  It surprises me honestly.  I used to love the banana flavor but these must not have been that fresh.  Hopefully they get a new shipment because I have a lot of banana based milkshakes to go.

Consistency- 4/5- The flavors mixed pretty well together but the peanut butter is so thick that it causes it to clump in places which led to the mediocre banana taste taking center stage.

Taste- 3/5.  I was told I needed to be more critical in my milkshake review and here it is!  A 3 out of 5 for taste.  Take that critics! This is really hurt by the banana taste.

Overall- 7/10.  I'm trying something new here too.  For the overall, we're just adding the two numbers up.

The second milkshake I had was Heath.

You know, I'm not a huge Heath fan.  I don't like the fact that it sticks to your teeth.  I don't like Butterfinger either.  Thankfully the tiny pieces of Heath actually help this milkshake out.

Consistency- 4.5/5 The consistency was pretty good.  The base was just vanilla ice cream but it was mixed pretty well with the Heath pieces.

Taste- 4/5 The small pieces really highlighted the flavor of the candy without having to worry about them getting stuck in your teeth.

Overall- 8.5/10- This was a very pleasant surprise.

The last milkshake I had was Hershey Chocolate.  I think the Hershey is the crucial distinction here.  I'm pretty sure they just used vanilla ice cream and mixed in Hershey chocolate sauce.  I don't really understand why they did this.  I don't think chocolate ice cream would be that much more expensive especially since I think the strawberry is actually strawberry ice cream. 

Consistency- 3.5/5- This is where the idea comes in.  I'm not a huge fan of chocolate ice cream straight up, but the ice cream looked white in places and the chocolate flavor wasn't strong in those places too.

Taste- 3.5/5- The flavor was lacking in some places.  It just didn't have the same chocolate kick in others. 

Overall- 7/10. Another 7, I'm becoming a regular Simon Cowell.


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  2. Well, Landon, I can't say that I'm particularly impressed by your "noble" claim that you will finish the challenge. It has been over 2 years since you first said that you would eat them all in only a year. How shameful. How could you expect your readers, myself still included somehow, to believe anything you say anymore? Furthermore, how is this challenge at all impressive if you've more than doubled the time to do it? That would be like a high schooler boasting that he could beat Michael Phelps in a race and then swimming in a pool half the size of Phelps's. Though I think your potential completion of the challenge is no noteworthy achievement anymore, I am pleased that you are being a bit more critical. I remember in the past seeing two milkshakes with the same rating, even though you claimed that one was better. Also, the standard method of determining the overall score is useful, as it makes your methods very clear to the reader. In short, you have made good steps to improve your ratings, despite the fact that the challenge is quite unchallenging at this point.