Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Last Update of the Semester

Well team it has been a good semester for milkshake eating but it has finally come to a close.  This will be my last update for quite some time unless a surprise trip to Lexington occurs in the future.  I have eaten three more milkshakes in preparation for the end of the semester and I will review them now.

Hi-C Fruit Punch

I waited legitimately 40 minutes for this milkshake.  I went up one time after fifteen minutes to ask where my milkshake was, they took one of my two receipts and told me they would have it right out.  fifteen more minutes passed before I went back up and asked for my milkshake they then took my last receipt.  Receiptless, I feared for the life of this milkshake and the dollar and change I spent on it.  Luckily, I finally did receive my milkshake.  It is dead on Orange Push-up Pop.  It tastes slightly more cherry than orange but besides that it is really very similar.  It was okay but nowhere near worth the wait.

Taste- 9/10- it was almost the same as the push-up pop, it even had some vanilla in it but it wasn't quite as good.

Consistency- 9/10.  The consistency was fine.

Overall 9/10  -2 = 7/10.  We have an unprecedented move here in milkshake blog history.  I am taking 2 points off of the final score based on the fact that I waited 40 minutes on a milkshake.  I think that is only fair.

Chocolate Cherry

I really pushed myself to get through two more milkshakes to get to the required number of three for a blog post and the chocolate cherry milkshake is the result.

Taste- 9/10 It tasted fine, the chocolate was great I didn't like the parts of cherry scattered throughout, it didn't really help the cherry taste and just looked kind of gross.

Consistency- 9/10-  The consistency was fine minus the weird cherry parts of the shake.

Overall- 9/10- The milkshake came out in a timely manner and was fine besides the cherry residue.


I decided to mix it up and get a fruity milkshake out of the way.  I pondered over what to go with before deciding on a pretty safe Blueberry bet.

Taste- 10/10- Even for a safe choice, I was pleasantly surprised.  The whole blueberries added a nice taste and mixed up with just the plain ice cream superbly.

Consistency- 9/10- Although most of the blueberries were nice and ripe some were punctured and it hurt the milkshake slightly.

Overall- 10/10- it was good to end the semester on a pleasant surprise and despite the minor flaw this was a very good last milkshake for a while.

I will miss Cookout over the summer but I will be back in the fall to tackle the few that elude me in my quest for milkshake glory.