Sunday, February 14, 2016

Finally An Update!

It's been a whileeeee.  At first I was going to write a terrible parody of The Staind but I'm far to lazy for that  Anyway, it has been a while.  To say I've done a good job at eating milkshakes would be an overstatement.  I have struggled mightily at this seemingly simple task, but have no fear, that will be addressed in this blog post! 

I have eaten three since my last update and since I like to do an update in three, I will now rank and rate them.

Strawberry- To show how long it has been since milkshakes, I will tell a story.  I went and saw Star Wars on opening night and afterwards we decided to swing through Cookout.  I went for the Strawberry milkshake because I hadn't had it yet and think Strawberry is critically underrated.  As I walked in, excited because I was done with first semester exams, I dropped this milkshake and a good half of it went all over the dorm floor. 

From what I did get to eat, the consistency and taste were solid. 5/5 all around.

Overall, another 5.  I love Strawberry milkshakes.  They are far above chocolate and vanilla, and with little chunks of actual strawberry, this was pretty good.

Banana Pudding

How does one achieve banana pudding in a milkshake?  You put vanilla wafers in it of course!

Taste- Wow.  These vanilla wafers really brought this whole thing together.  5/5 for this.

Consistency- You might think that chunks of cookie could throw off the consistency, but you are wrong.  The cookies were well enough spaced out that they had me craving more without over doing it. 5/5.

Overall- 5/5 this has a chance to be the frontrunner for best milkshake.

Unfortunately, it won't be at the top because of:

Peanut Butter Fudge

This is my favorite Cookout milkshake.  I have had this one more than any other one so I was happy to return to the king of Cookout milkshakes.

Taste- This is everything the Reese's Cup milkshake should be.  This tastes better than it and really it isn't all that close. 5/5

Consistency- The peanut butter and fudge is expertly crafted to make an equal chocolate and peanut better bite, like a Reese's Cup should be.  Bravo Cookout 5/5.

Overall- 5/5 This is the top dog.

So as you can see, I have struggled with the challenge.  I am refusing to go down this time though.  That is why I am extending the milkshake challenge.  I am giving myself until May 2017 to eat all of the milkshakes.  This does not mean I will stop or admit defeat, I'm just giving myself a more realistic goal because Dairy Queen gives out BOGOF milkshakes on days it snows and I think the day of eating 6 milkshakes in a day or behind me.  I have never done that, although one time I tried to eat a 6 pound Rueben.  Thankfully they don't make Rueben milkshakes or this challenge would be over.  Anyway, I'm rambling.  Hopefully the milkshake eating and the updates will start to pick up as the temperature gets cooler and the semester gets more stressful.