Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It's Back

Well team its been a while, almost three months to be exact but your favorite neighborhood milkshake blogger is back at it.  Unfortunately I haven't been to Lexington very often since the end of the school year but I did manage to make the drive down south twice and both times I of course visited Cookout.

The first time I had a summer specialty, a milkshake that you can only get for two months out of the year, that milkshake is:


When I got the watermelon milkshake, I didn't know what I expected.  I thought it would be like strawberry where the base of the ice cream was actually watermelon flavored, unfortunately I was wrong.  The watermelon flavor was achieved through little pieces of watermelon blended in.  That is where this milkshake went wrong.

Taste 7/10.  Yeah, it was bad.  The issue with this milkshake is that watermelon isn't a particularly strong flavor.  It doesn't blend in to the ice cream like other fruit flavors.  What you are left with is bites that taste strongly of watermelon, with little pieces, some that taste slightly of watermelon, and plain vanilla ice cream.  The only thing that could have made it taste worst, if it came with seeds included.

Consistency 8/10.  As I said, the flavor just isn't strong enough and honestly having little weird pieces of watermelon in the ice cream makes for a strange eating experience.

Overall 8/10.  I rounded up because I always enjoyed when teachers rounded my grade up.  Honestly the best thing I can say about this milkshake is at least it's only on the menu for two months. Consider me highly disappointed.

I panicked on this last one.  I struggled to make a decision and actually had to pull up the blog to see which ones I had already eaten.  Finally I came up with an acceptable choice.


I'm just going to start this out by saying, I'm not a coffee fan but I'm not going to harm this milkshake for being what it's supposed to be.  It's like being mad at a cat that it meows instead of barking.  I don't really like the coffee flavor in general but this actually made it palpable to me.  There is also a mocha flavor so I'm interested to see if there is any difference in flavor.  Stay tuned to future Cookout Milkshake Blog updates to find out!  If that doesn't keep readers on their toes I don't know what will.

Taste- 9/10 I can't quite give it a 10 because I honestly don't like the taste a whole lot.  For a coffee flavor milkshake it was pretty good though.  It got better as it went on made for an easy eat.

Consistency- It tasted rich and dark throughout.  The consistency was pretty good.

Overall- As I've said before the real challenge is if this is better than mocha or not.  I thought all things considered it was pretty good but only time will tell.

I believe this makes 23 Cookout Milkshake flavors so I'm over halfway done with the challenge.  It will take a big effort moving forward but it is definitely doable.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Last Update of the Semester

Well team it has been a good semester for milkshake eating but it has finally come to a close.  This will be my last update for quite some time unless a surprise trip to Lexington occurs in the future.  I have eaten three more milkshakes in preparation for the end of the semester and I will review them now.

Hi-C Fruit Punch

I waited legitimately 40 minutes for this milkshake.  I went up one time after fifteen minutes to ask where my milkshake was, they took one of my two receipts and told me they would have it right out.  fifteen more minutes passed before I went back up and asked for my milkshake they then took my last receipt.  Receiptless, I feared for the life of this milkshake and the dollar and change I spent on it.  Luckily, I finally did receive my milkshake.  It is dead on Orange Push-up Pop.  It tastes slightly more cherry than orange but besides that it is really very similar.  It was okay but nowhere near worth the wait.

Taste- 9/10- it was almost the same as the push-up pop, it even had some vanilla in it but it wasn't quite as good.

Consistency- 9/10.  The consistency was fine.

Overall 9/10  -2 = 7/10.  We have an unprecedented move here in milkshake blog history.  I am taking 2 points off of the final score based on the fact that I waited 40 minutes on a milkshake.  I think that is only fair.

Chocolate Cherry

I really pushed myself to get through two more milkshakes to get to the required number of three for a blog post and the chocolate cherry milkshake is the result.

Taste- 9/10 It tasted fine, the chocolate was great I didn't like the parts of cherry scattered throughout, it didn't really help the cherry taste and just looked kind of gross.

Consistency- 9/10-  The consistency was fine minus the weird cherry parts of the shake.

Overall- 9/10- The milkshake came out in a timely manner and was fine besides the cherry residue.


I decided to mix it up and get a fruity milkshake out of the way.  I pondered over what to go with before deciding on a pretty safe Blueberry bet.

Taste- 10/10- Even for a safe choice, I was pleasantly surprised.  The whole blueberries added a nice taste and mixed up with just the plain ice cream superbly.

Consistency- 9/10- Although most of the blueberries were nice and ripe some were punctured and it hurt the milkshake slightly.

Overall- 10/10- it was good to end the semester on a pleasant surprise and despite the minor flaw this was a very good last milkshake for a while.

I will miss Cookout over the summer but I will be back in the fall to tackle the few that elude me in my quest for milkshake glory.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Late Semester Update

We're back ladies and gentlemen.  I have finished another round of tests which means that its time to update the good ole Cookout blog.  In coming up with this post, I at one point, thought about what kind of milkshakes I would eat for it.  I had decided to go with knocking out the cheesecake shakes for this, with the title called "I hate cheesecake."  I changed my mind though as I'm sure you could tell if you looked at the title.  I really don't like cheesecake guys.  I'm not talking about the Cheesecake Factory where it's covered in chocolate and there is like 2% cheesecake, I'm talking about real cheesecake.  Cookout happens to have 5 different types of cheesecake milkshakes.  This is my nightmare.  So in the end I decided to mix in some cheesecake milkshakes and some that I thought I might actually like.  The results are as follows:

Peanut Butter

The peanut butter milkshake is really weird.  It's just so thick and with nothing to really cut the taste of the peanut butter its almost like eating straight up peanut butter.  There is always some peanut butter at the bottom of the milkshake too.  It kind of works here.  I'm not going to lie I really like it, and the consistency would be weird in some other circumstances but here it does work.

Taste- 10/10- Tastes like some fresh peanut butter.
Consistency- 10/10- What can I say?  It works.
Overall- 10/10- A little bit below some of the other 10/10s but still a solid entry.


My memories of the banana milkshake are fond but this year it has really dissapointed me this year.  Maybe the bananas aren't as fresh or maybe my memories of the noble banana are just too grand.

Taste- 9/10- It just tastes off somehow.
Consistency- 10/10- The issue isn't here though.
Overall 9/10

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

I liked this one because it really didn't have much of the cheesecake taste.  The chocolate chips were nice and there weren't any big chunks of cheesecake in it. My only issue was without the strong cheesecake taste it was just vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips.

Taste- 9/10- It was kind of boring honestly although I do appreciate the lack of cheesecake.
Consistency- 10/10 The consistency was fine.
Overall- 9/10 It was a pretty good milkshake.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Even though I stood up for my good friend Strawberry, strawberry cheesecake got it wrong.  It was really thick, like so thick that I couldn't get over how it reminded me some cream of tomato soup or something.  On top of that there were big chunks of cheesecake in it.  This just wasn't for me.

Taste- 8/10- It was good when there was no cheesecake pieces or taste.
Consistency 7/10- It really messed with my mind you all.
Overall 8/10- As far as milkshake experiences go, this one makes you wish you had a different one.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Milkshake Madness?

Well team, it's been a while.  After the controversy that my last blog post stirred up I didn't know if I'd be back.  It was tough to deal with some adversity but that adversity is what makes the good great so I'm back again with three new milkshakes.

Since it is March I thought about doing a milkshake blog bracket, in which the fans could decide what the best milkshake was, but after the way the 2nd round turned out, and my actual NCAA Tournament bracket looks, I'm a little sick of seeing brackets so instead I'm going to tell you all where these milkshakes rank because it is my blog.

The first one on the docket is orange push-up pop.

I'm not going to lie.  It had been so long since I had it, I would regularly forget what milkshake this was which is a shame.  This thing is straight up magic.  It tastes like a cream sickle popsicle.  The name might be a little off, but the taste is wonderful.

Taste- 10/10 perfect.

Consistency- Nothing to complain about this was just ice cream, nothing was mixed together really. 10/10.

Overall- 10/10 if we were doing a bracket this would be a #1 seed in the fruit region.

Next up we have mint Oreo.

This was weird.  It tasted fine although the consistency was not great, but this was not green.  I had mint chocolate chip and the ice cream was green, but here it was white.  It was fake mint ice cream, which kind of hurt my feelings honestly and it honestly affected the taste.

Taste- 9/10- don't try to pull a fast one on me Cookout.

Consistency- 9/10- honestly the chocolate chip was better and honestly I'm shocked that I'm saying that.

Overall- 9/10.  This was a case where I got my hopes up and the milkshake could not deliver which is unfortunate.

Lastly, we have Snickers.

I'm going to preface this by saying I'm not a huge fan of Snickers.  I'll eat them and I like them but I don't think they are anything special.  I'm going to add that I don't think they should be in milkshakes.  When they are blended up, they form uneven strange pieces that don't taste the same across the board.  I don't like the caramel mix without chocolate and the pieces are different sizes it is weird.

Taste- 8/10- It was just vanilla ice cream with pieces of Snickers.  It tasted alright.  If the Snickers were more consistent it might have tasted better.

Consistency- 8/10- Mostly due to the unevenness of the Snickers.

Overall- 8/10.  Snickers are alright, ice cream is good but when blended up and mixed together it leaves a little to be desired.

Until next time team, keep supporting.  I hope to knock out a few more before the year is over.  We can do this.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Finally An Update!

It's been a whileeeee.  At first I was going to write a terrible parody of The Staind but I'm far to lazy for that  Anyway, it has been a while.  To say I've done a good job at eating milkshakes would be an overstatement.  I have struggled mightily at this seemingly simple task, but have no fear, that will be addressed in this blog post! 

I have eaten three since my last update and since I like to do an update in three, I will now rank and rate them.

Strawberry- To show how long it has been since milkshakes, I will tell a story.  I went and saw Star Wars on opening night and afterwards we decided to swing through Cookout.  I went for the Strawberry milkshake because I hadn't had it yet and think Strawberry is critically underrated.  As I walked in, excited because I was done with first semester exams, I dropped this milkshake and a good half of it went all over the dorm floor. 

From what I did get to eat, the consistency and taste were solid. 5/5 all around.

Overall, another 5.  I love Strawberry milkshakes.  They are far above chocolate and vanilla, and with little chunks of actual strawberry, this was pretty good.

Banana Pudding

How does one achieve banana pudding in a milkshake?  You put vanilla wafers in it of course!

Taste- Wow.  These vanilla wafers really brought this whole thing together.  5/5 for this.

Consistency- You might think that chunks of cookie could throw off the consistency, but you are wrong.  The cookies were well enough spaced out that they had me craving more without over doing it. 5/5.

Overall- 5/5 this has a chance to be the frontrunner for best milkshake.

Unfortunately, it won't be at the top because of:

Peanut Butter Fudge

This is my favorite Cookout milkshake.  I have had this one more than any other one so I was happy to return to the king of Cookout milkshakes.

Taste- This is everything the Reese's Cup milkshake should be.  This tastes better than it and really it isn't all that close. 5/5

Consistency- The peanut butter and fudge is expertly crafted to make an equal chocolate and peanut better bite, like a Reese's Cup should be.  Bravo Cookout 5/5.

Overall- 5/5 This is the top dog.

So as you can see, I have struggled with the challenge.  I am refusing to go down this time though.  That is why I am extending the milkshake challenge.  I am giving myself until May 2017 to eat all of the milkshakes.  This does not mean I will stop or admit defeat, I'm just giving myself a more realistic goal because Dairy Queen gives out BOGOF milkshakes on days it snows and I think the day of eating 6 milkshakes in a day or behind me.  I have never done that, although one time I tried to eat a 6 pound Rueben.  Thankfully they don't make Rueben milkshakes or this challenge would be over.  Anyway, I'm rambling.  Hopefully the milkshake eating and the updates will start to pick up as the temperature gets cooler and the semester gets more stressful.