Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Two Down Tons to Go

The first two milkshakes have fallen.  Last year, I decided to go with the ones that I thought would be the best first.  This year I have started with a slightly different strategy.  I picked two good milkshakes, but not the best.  I will follow it up with some absolutely awful milkshakes and try to end with the good ones.  That being said I did have two that I knew would be good.


Oh the Oreo milkshake.  Honestly, when I first looked at it, things looked a little off in this milkshake.  I will try to provide some pictures in some of these posts, but this milkshake just looked weird.  Luckily, once you get past that, it is a wonderful milkshake.  I love oreos, I love oreo milkshakes.  I feel like it is tough to mess this stuff up. 

Consistency: 5/5, tons of Oreos, my biggest Cookout complaint is the stuff gets stuck at the bottom.  Not here.  Good work milkshake maker!

Taste: 5/5: Like I said you can't beat a good Oreo milkshake.

Overall: 5/5, strong overall, my favorite of the two which is a surprise because the other one was:

Reese's Cup.  Those that know me well, know that Reese's Cup is my favorite candy.  So why does it rank lower than Oreo!  I've determined that it is because I love Dairy Queens' Reese's Cup blizzard.  It is the gold standard of ice cream as far as I'm concerned.  It is absolutely perfect.  Cookout's Reese's Cup milkshake is good, but it can't compare to Dairy Queen.

Consistency: 4/5, here is why.  I would go several bites without Reese's Cup!  And they were all clumped at the bottom! Not good team.

Taste: 5/5.  It's still Reese's Cup.  It tasted pretty good.

Overall 5/5.  I'm not docking it that much because of consistency but in my official ranking of Cookout Milkshake flavor it will have to settle for second best out of two.  

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