Sunday, November 15, 2015

Three More Knocked Out

Well team another week or so has passed and we have three more milkshakes to add to the list of the vanquished.

The first one that was taken down was Mint Chocolate Chip.  If memory serves me correctly, this is the second best mint flavor milkshake involving chocolate.  It was good.  The texture with the chocolate chips was a little off compared to the Oreo one I've had in the past.  That hurts this one.  Also there were little fragments of peppermints in this just a weird little quirk that I noticed now that I've decided to be a snobby milkshake critic.

Consistency- 4/5, good but not great, compared to the fantastic Mint Oreo, this is lacking a little.

Taste- 5/5 it tasted good in the end

Overall 4/5.  The first 4 on the board.  This was fine but left something to be desired.

The second was M&M.  This and the next milkshake on the list are going to get penalized for something out of their control.  When I ordered this milkshake, I also asked for an order of fries, unfortunately I received another milkshake.

The M&M shake was pretty good though.  It is significantly better than the M&M McFlurry so there's that.

Consistency- 5/5- It was pretty good consistency wise, M&Ms were not in short supply.

Taste 4/5- Once again pretty good overall.  It is what it is.

Overrall 5/5.  This is the third best 5/5 I've had but it was pretty good nonetheless.

The last one that I had, the extra milkshake was chocolate banana.  I had to put it in the freezer and save it for another day because as much as I love putting stuff in my body that I don't need, I couldn't do two milkshakes in a day.  This one suffered tremendously because of it.

Consistency- 3/5. Even the consistency wasn't good in this milkshake.  The banana was everywhere and nowhere at the same time and I wish it was nowhere, banana does not taste good refrigerated.

Taste- 2/5.  It kind of tasted a little bit like someone threw up in it.  It was bad.  I'm disappointed too.  I've had a lot of milkshakes with banana in them and this was the worst.

Overall- 3/5.  I'm the Paula Abdul of milkshake critics though so this one gets a three.  It was still ice cream it was still mostly edible so it gets a 3.