Wednesday, November 4, 2015

An Introduction to the Cookout Milkshake Challenge

Hello everyone!  I'm pretty pumped to make a blog this year and hope it will be one of the deciding factors in my success of the Cookout Milkshake Challenge.  In this blog, I will post updates on the milkshakes I have eaten and rate them.  It is going to be an awesome ride.  The purpose of this blog is two fold. 

Part 1,

Hopefully by getting people invested in the milkshake challenge will make them want to keep me up on it.  I love eating milkshakes but I need help!  Keep me honest people.

Part 2

Last year I struggled to remember which milkshakes I had eaten and which I hadn't.  This made for an unpleasant line experience and honestly, I'm awkward enough when I order food, I can't handle having to think too much.  This will provide a more structured list then random instagram posts.  Although I will be using that as well.

Get pumped people we can do this!

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