Thursday, December 17, 2015

An Update!

Well guys finals is over which means that I can get back to the important things in life like eating milkshakes.  First of all I'd just like to thank you for all the kind words about the blog.  I do it primarily for three seasons.  1. To stroke my ego. 2. I love milkshakes and 3 for you all.  But seriously I do appreciate it.  Also I'm already struggling to remember which milkshakes I've had so this could be a long year.  Anyway, enough mushy stuff though time to get to the milkshake review.  The first one I had was:


I'm not going to lie.  I have never had eggnog in real life so honestly I don't know what it's supposed to taste like.  This particular milkshake tasted like nothing mixed with a slight hint of vanilla.  I was told by someone who has had eggnog before that this milkshake does indeed taste like eggnog but not necessary the best eggnog so I'm going to give it a 4/5 on taste

Consistency: It tasted like a mix of vanilla and nothing throughout. 5/5

Overall 4/5.  This is a festive milkshake that I only got because it's only available in December and I'm trying to eat every milkshake on the menu.

The next milkshake on the list was caramel chocolate. This one took some getting used to.  At first, the sweetness of the caramel overwhelms you but you get used to it quickly.  It's nicely balanced out with the almost palate cleansing chocolate.  You can never really taste the two flavors together but they balance out nice.

Taste- 5/5 good balance which is sometimes a Cookout struggle.

Consistency- 4/5 I guess this is where the fact that I couldn't taste both flavors at once comes into play.

Overall- 5/5.  At first I thought this was going to be hard to stomach, but I was extremely surprised!

Lastly, we go from caramel chocolate to just caramel.  This was recommended by a coworker when we went to Cookout and part of me wants to bash it because they were really worried I wouldn't like it.  I'm not going to do that though.  Honestly, it's the same as caramel chocolate minus the chocolate flavor.  It starts out way to sweet, you get used to it.

Taste- 5/5.  This one does rank slightly lower though, the chocolate was nice.  Bring back the chocolate.

Consistency- 5/5.  If they would have messed up caramel and ice cream mixed together it would have been a sad day for Cookout.

Overall 5/5.  It was pretty good overall.

So team, I'll probably get at least one more milkshake before the end of the semester and rank all the ones I've had so far but as you can see we have an uphill battle to get all the milkshakes done moving forward.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Three More Knocked Out

Well team another week or so has passed and we have three more milkshakes to add to the list of the vanquished.

The first one that was taken down was Mint Chocolate Chip.  If memory serves me correctly, this is the second best mint flavor milkshake involving chocolate.  It was good.  The texture with the chocolate chips was a little off compared to the Oreo one I've had in the past.  That hurts this one.  Also there were little fragments of peppermints in this just a weird little quirk that I noticed now that I've decided to be a snobby milkshake critic.

Consistency- 4/5, good but not great, compared to the fantastic Mint Oreo, this is lacking a little.

Taste- 5/5 it tasted good in the end

Overall 4/5.  The first 4 on the board.  This was fine but left something to be desired.

The second was M&M.  This and the next milkshake on the list are going to get penalized for something out of their control.  When I ordered this milkshake, I also asked for an order of fries, unfortunately I received another milkshake.

The M&M shake was pretty good though.  It is significantly better than the M&M McFlurry so there's that.

Consistency- 5/5- It was pretty good consistency wise, M&Ms were not in short supply.

Taste 4/5- Once again pretty good overall.  It is what it is.

Overrall 5/5.  This is the third best 5/5 I've had but it was pretty good nonetheless.

The last one that I had, the extra milkshake was chocolate banana.  I had to put it in the freezer and save it for another day because as much as I love putting stuff in my body that I don't need, I couldn't do two milkshakes in a day.  This one suffered tremendously because of it.

Consistency- 3/5. Even the consistency wasn't good in this milkshake.  The banana was everywhere and nowhere at the same time and I wish it was nowhere, banana does not taste good refrigerated.

Taste- 2/5.  It kind of tasted a little bit like someone threw up in it.  It was bad.  I'm disappointed too.  I've had a lot of milkshakes with banana in them and this was the worst.

Overall- 3/5.  I'm the Paula Abdul of milkshake critics though so this one gets a three.  It was still ice cream it was still mostly edible so it gets a 3.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Two Down Tons to Go

The first two milkshakes have fallen.  Last year, I decided to go with the ones that I thought would be the best first.  This year I have started with a slightly different strategy.  I picked two good milkshakes, but not the best.  I will follow it up with some absolutely awful milkshakes and try to end with the good ones.  That being said I did have two that I knew would be good.


Oh the Oreo milkshake.  Honestly, when I first looked at it, things looked a little off in this milkshake.  I will try to provide some pictures in some of these posts, but this milkshake just looked weird.  Luckily, once you get past that, it is a wonderful milkshake.  I love oreos, I love oreo milkshakes.  I feel like it is tough to mess this stuff up. 

Consistency: 5/5, tons of Oreos, my biggest Cookout complaint is the stuff gets stuck at the bottom.  Not here.  Good work milkshake maker!

Taste: 5/5: Like I said you can't beat a good Oreo milkshake.

Overall: 5/5, strong overall, my favorite of the two which is a surprise because the other one was:

Reese's Cup.  Those that know me well, know that Reese's Cup is my favorite candy.  So why does it rank lower than Oreo!  I've determined that it is because I love Dairy Queens' Reese's Cup blizzard.  It is the gold standard of ice cream as far as I'm concerned.  It is absolutely perfect.  Cookout's Reese's Cup milkshake is good, but it can't compare to Dairy Queen.

Consistency: 4/5, here is why.  I would go several bites without Reese's Cup!  And they were all clumped at the bottom! Not good team.

Taste: 5/5.  It's still Reese's Cup.  It tasted pretty good.

Overall 5/5.  I'm not docking it that much because of consistency but in my official ranking of Cookout Milkshake flavor it will have to settle for second best out of two.  

An Introduction to the Cookout Milkshake Challenge

Hello everyone!  I'm pretty pumped to make a blog this year and hope it will be one of the deciding factors in my success of the Cookout Milkshake Challenge.  In this blog, I will post updates on the milkshakes I have eaten and rate them.  It is going to be an awesome ride.  The purpose of this blog is two fold. 

Part 1,

Hopefully by getting people invested in the milkshake challenge will make them want to keep me up on it.  I love eating milkshakes but I need help!  Keep me honest people.

Part 2

Last year I struggled to remember which milkshakes I had eaten and which I hadn't.  This made for an unpleasant line experience and honestly, I'm awkward enough when I order food, I can't handle having to think too much.  This will provide a more structured list then random instagram posts.  Although I will be using that as well.

Get pumped people we can do this!